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Our Respected Chairman has invested over 35 years of experience in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. He has been serving with some of the World’s largest infrastructure companies. He enjoyed major roles with ABB Canada, Cowan Lavalin Inc. (SNC-Lavalin) and Beloit Canada, where he held numerous Senior Management positions and had been managing projects and operations in different parts of the World (including: Far East, New Zealand, South America, USA, Canada and Afghanistan). He served as the ABB Country Manager and President for the Afghanistan division.


Our Respected Chairman saw an opportunity in Afghanistan to provide a personal service in this post-conflict Country. With that in mind and coupled with his experience and ability to manage large companies, he formed Afghan Electrical Power Corporation (AEPC) Which is now being owned completely by RGM International Group LLC.


RGM International Contracting LLC, UAE was formed to address the increasingly exponential growth in the Electric and Power Plant industry in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) Region. It was headquartered in Dubai, UAE, where they have experienced successful growth providing services for other Stakeholders.


RGM International Group LLC, Afghanistan was established to take care of all EPC projects for developing Infrastructure in Afghanistan which were earlier carried out by AEPC. RGM International Group LLC, Afghanistan became the Owner of AEPC, Afghanistan.


RGM has established a company in Gurgaon, India namely RGM International (India) Private Limited with a view to expand its Business to India.


RGM has established a Company in Lahore, Pakistan namely RGM International (Private) Limited keeping in a view of the potential future power sector opportunities in Pakistan.


RGM has established and registered another office in Kolkata, India, with a view to expand its Business to India and its adjacent Countries. RGM’s Kolkata office will act as main office of RGM India.


RGM Building Contracting L.L.C, Ajman, UAE was formed.


RGM Group established a Company in Turkey to grasp potential in this region.


RGM International (India) Private Limited enlisted with Indian Railways.

RGM  has positioned itself to become a regional leader in the Infrastructure Industry. We are currently expanding into the Indian   Sub-Continent, Central Asia, South Asia including parts of African region and plan to open future offices in South Sudan and Libya.

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RGM International Group İnşaat Limited Şirketi

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RGM International (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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RGM International Group LLC

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RGM International (Private) Limited